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Do i have to install a software to work with Nutek Info ?

No, not necessarily. Nutek Info provides a variety of services, a number of which don’t require special software installation. For instance, services offered by DreamHomeVacations (previously known as DHA Vacations), require membership accounts for access to calendars, descriptions and other features. Similarly, ecommerce design and hosting may require special membership or login accounts, but no software installation. For some other services, such as application development, software development, IT Helpdesk and strategies, you will need a software, which will be a part of end product.

Do you offer-off-shelf software solution ?

No, Nutek Info doesn’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. Our software development team takes up only custom projects, so that you can be rest assured of innovation and security with our products. Our solutions can increased efficiency and effectiveness in your workplace.

What is website hosting ? Why do i need it ?

Consider website hosting as a pin to your debit card. While you may have a debit card (or a website) that has money (or features), it will not work unless you use it with a pin (here, website hosting). Website hosting is simply the services you take to host your website or show it to viewers on the internet. You need to ensure that prospective traffic and clients reach you effortlessly.

How will your'solutions' benfit me ?

While our services can help in growth and development of your organization or enterprise, our solutions will ensure that the percentage or growth rate is increased tremendously. They are designed to serve as complementary facilities, which work as a catalyst to boost your growth. Of course, you can ask for these solutions without taking any of the services.

What is payment gateway ?

When you get an ecommerce website, you need to be paid for your products and services. Payment gateway simplifies this process while ensuring safety of your website. It provides you the opportunity to receive payments through credit and debit cards or even net payments. At the same time, prevents fraud and assures safety for customers’ private information.

I have content on my website. but search engines reject it. i have been panalized. what i should i do ?

If you are penalized by search engines like Google, chances are that your content is plagiarized or not up to the standards. If you are not seeing your website on search engines, it probably is because of lack of SEO or Search engine optimization. Use Digital marketing services from Nutek Info to get SEO or keyword rich content that’s picked up by search engines. We will also offer innovative, original content so that your website isn’t penalized.

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