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Refund Policy

Nutekinfo recommends its users to refer to this refund policy for information on refunds and membership cancellations.

Cancellations of services are available for all services, including web development, payment integration, and SSL. Nutekinfo recommends clients to contact customer representatives through phone or email for detailed cancellation procedures for any and every service.

Clients are entitled to refunds (after deduction of a non-refundable deposit) after cancellations. It must be noted that such refunds are only available if the services where purchased not more than 30 days before filing for refund request. It must be noted that cancellations don’t entitle for refunds if the membership or services have already been availed (such as website development team has started to work on the project). In rare cases, cancellation requests can be entertained on the basis of membership. For instance, customers can avail cancellation for a one year membership by requesting it to be degraded to nearest quarterly or bi-yearly membership. Otherwise, memberships are sold to a full term.

Each cancellation request is reviewed by accounts and billing departments. And not all requests lead to cancellations. The decision by the accounts and billing team should be held binding in such cases.

Kindly note that refunds cannot be availed for services that have already been undertaken. No full refunds are offered, unless guaranteed under some marketing scheme or a deal. Upgrade of subscription and membership plans is possible, depending upon the requirement and service. Kindly contact us at for such requests.